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co2.exe and gxo2.exe
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:24:41 AM »
Hi Charles,

there is a difference between co2.exe and gxo2.exe. I tried this little batch file (ListMultilingual.bat) in \examples\WideStrings:

Code: [Select]
::List Multilingual.o2bas - assembly, script, intermediate

..\..\co2.exe -a -m Multilingual.o2bas > listc_a.txt
..\..\gxo2.exe -a -m Multilingual.o2bas > listg_a.txt

..\..\co2.exe -b -m Multilingual.o2bas > listc_b.txt
..\..\gxo2.exe -b -m Multilingual.o2bas > listg_b.txt

..\..\co2.exe -i -m Multilingual.o2bas > listc_i.txt
..\..\gxo2.exe -i -m Multilingual.o2bas > listg_i.txt


co2.exe will create listings, gxo2.exe does not. I usually use co2.exe and I do not know if you wish to keep gxo2.exe but I wanted to draw your attention to the deviation.


Charles Pegge

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Re: co2.exe and gxo2.exe
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 08:51:41 AM »
Thanks, Roland.

My preference is to go with CO2.

Incidentally, you can also get selective listings with #show "filename" ....

If a quoted filename is given, then  it will save the listing to the file instead of displaying a messagebox.

Code: [Select]
int a
#show  "t.txt" a=1

block of code:
Code: [Select]
int a,b
#show  "t.txt" {