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Core Primitive Types in O2
« on: June 22, 2018, 06:11:51 AM »

This is a list of core types and their typecodes used internally:

Code: [Select]
void      0x00 '* -1, Used by reference only
sbyte     0x01
byte      0x21
ubyte     0x21
string    0xe1
string2   0xe2
wstring   0xe2
bstring   0xc1
gstr_     0xc1 '* Accept any Bstring width. for core functions only
bstr      0xc1
bstring2  0xc2
char      0xa1
wchar     0xa2
cstr_     0xa1 '* Accept any char width. for core functions only
asciiz    0xa1
zstring   0xa1
zstring2  15 0xa2
asciiz2   15 0xa2
short     15 0x02
long      0x04
wide      0xa2
int       0x04
integer   0x04
float     0x64
single    0x64
double    0x68
extended  0x6A
quad      0x48 '* using FPU on 32 bit systems (was 08), returns data on edx:eax
word      0x22
dword     0x24
ulong     0x24
uint      0x24
any       0x08 '* to be used by reference only
sys       0x08 '* 4/8 depending on 32/64 bit system
bool      0x04 '* MS
boolean   0x01 '* MS
fpu       0x40 '* fast call using fpu registers (not exportable)
signed    0x04
unsigned  0x24
qword     0x28 '* Assembler only