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« on: May 14, 2013, 12:03:33 am »
If you already have a recent copy of OxygenBasic (in progress version), then the zip file below contains the latest Oxygen DLL, on its own, to replace previous versions.

Oxygen.dll should be put into the main OxygenBasic folder, which also contains the compilers.

It may also be distributed with a compiled application, if there is any dependency on its run-time library.

You can also download the full In-Progress package, directly from here:

or a minimal version without examples or source code:

OxygenBasic scripts may be  run/compiled from Oxide, or alternatively launched directly from script by associating .o2bas files with the Oxygen compilers: gxo2.exe or co2.exe. This is done by right-clicking on any o2bas file and selecting properties. Then changing the Opens with to gxo2

Once this is done, all .o2bas files will compile and execute in memory, on double-click.

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