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WndProc ?
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:17:00 AM »
Hi Charles and others !
Whole time i am using o2 i have this strange quirk which is:

what is proper way for WndProc member of wndclassex structure filled?
i mean is that  ?
1.  &WndProc   or
2. @WndProc
? anything else maybe

Let say that i understand that this should represent address of window procedure
and as such should be pointer ?
so i asume that should be type of SYS ..?

In my include or any include file if we have filed wndclassex filled
wcx.lpfnWndProc   =  &Wndproc

so i think that this is ok...
but o2 complain that -  Linker found unindentfied names ::wndproc level 0

From that is true that wndproc is not declared ...
Charles ...
is that problem comes from #autodim ?

what i must do that i can fix that annoying problem?

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