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Resources directories.
« on: August 20, 2019, 03:25:46 PM »

 I have enhanced the #RESOURCE meta-statement to allow the PROJECT keyword. So, when you use:

Code: [Select]
  The engine creates a subdirectory named RC and all the subdirectories where you can drag and drop
files to be embedded as resources in your executable. If you do not include a path, the engine does this
in the directory where the BAS source is located, If you include a path, the engine looks there instead.

 The engine makes a recursive search on the destination path and gathers all the files and sorts them
accordingly, and creates a custom RC file, compiles it and embeds it in the executable.

 Also, when you use:

Code: [Select]
#RESOURCE RES, "resources.res"
 The engine will not accept custom resources like:

Code: [Select]
#RESOURCE ICON,     rID, "someicon.ico"
 But i was thinking... why not? Why not even allowing more than one RES file?
We control the engine, so why not? :) The only reason i find ot not do it would
be that the manifest in the precompiled RES file could collide with a custom one...
but hey... its called override, not collide. :D

 What do you guys think about this?